Social Media07.06.12

The Social Media Marathon


id-10085489So, I run a lot.

I may only be three weeks into my job as a Public Relations Specialist at Overit, but I already get jabs from my co-workers about how much I run.Whenever I return from my walk home to lunch, I’m greeted by asking how my marathon was.When I grab a slice on Pizza Fridays, some of my co-workers joke that they’re aghast I have put a slice or two on my plate.

Contrary to popular belief from my peers, running is NOT the only thing I do.In fact, I actually do work here, too, learning the ropes and necessities of what it takes to be a public relations professional.Parts of my duties include monitoring social media for clients as well as our firm’s own social media like Facebook and Twitter.The more I dabble in both passions of mine, the more I realize that they’re both remarkably similar.

Running, like social media management, doesn’t just take dogged hard work day after day – it takes anticipation and saintly patience.

If you want to become a fast runner, the quickest way to get there is by committing yourself to get out the door and pound pavement every day.

Great social media management requires a notable presence day in and day out.Without adding to the conversation, replying to customers and continual promotion of your brand, you run the risk of someone else (competitor, agitated customer) speaking for your brand.

Unfortunately, you typically will not become Usain Bolt after a week or accumulate 10,000 likes for your brand’s Facebook page in the same amount of time.Both require an insatiable work ethic and an understanding to endure some short-term pain for a long-term gain.The results may not be instant, but with the proper focus and planning you’ll vastly improve your mile time and your company’s influence.

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