Marketing, SEO/PPC11.10.10

Using Desire & Action on Your Website For More Conversions


Your content should aim to achieve whatever goals you’ve set forth, while appealing to the desires of your audience and encouraging them to take action.


Once your reader is interested in what you have to offer and is following along the path of your website design, you should seek to further interest through desire. Once you have their attention, leave them wanting more.

For example: Do you want more traffic to your website? You sure do! This revolutionary software has only been available for a short time but has caused countless website owners to achieve their goals of increasing their traffic by 100% or more! Get ready for more traffic and get ready to make more sales.

Finish your pitch with a clear call to action that takes as few clicks or as few steps as possible to make it happen.

The Call to Action

The call to action should be the most concentrated effort of your sales copy. Gear it directly towards your reader and use the past tense in your copy. Do it without asking and tell your reader what to do and expect.