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You may not view development as one of the more glamorous areas of your marketing project. How your website is coded might not seem as interesting as the eye-catching graphics of the design department or the witty language of a new branding campaign.

But here's the thing - it's just as important.

The development of your Web presence is the backbone of the rest of your online marketing efforts. Whether you need a new website, web application or mobile application, or you want to discuss a refresh of your existing online presence, the Overit development team is prepared to build the solution you need to meet your business goals. Without a solid development foundation, the rest of your online marketing strategy is already less effective.

We also get you may not be a developer yourself or fully know what you need in terms of making your site work the way you want. That's why when we meet, we don't ask our clients to list off random site features they want ? instead, we ask them to tell us the problem they need solved or the functionality they need provided. That's how we see ourselves - problem solvers. From there, we develop the tools, processes, framework and code best suited to make your business successful.

At Overit, our developers sit right next to our SEO and PPC experts, designers and content writers. The nature of our collaborative office allows us to technically produce highly-functional Web presences that utilize the power of each word, image and video on your site, providing you with the interactive and engaging experience you need to reach your audience and keep its attention.

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