Social Media04.26.12

Klout: I’ve Got It. Really?


Klout measures your influence, right? That’s the goal?

I don’t mean to brag or nothin’, but I’ve got the highest Paul Hook and I are totally tied for the highest Klout scores at Overit.

(Self-identified – prove me wrong.)

Yep. Little ‘ol 22-year-old me. The newish girl.

Wait… what?

Is Klout supposed to represent clout?

Tom has 4,320 Twitter followers. I have 282.

Justin has 1,133 and is far smarter (and wittier) than me.

Oh, and don’t forget the owners of the company. Because they… own the company… so they’re probably pretty influential.

My Klout peaked at 58. It’s currently at 55.

I have 55 percent of the Klout of Justin Bieber. I’m satistfied with that. He’s really, really popular.

According to a recent Wired article, this might earn me flight privileges with top airlines soon. If I paid attention to perks enough, I might even earn myself some freebies. It will definitely earn me priority seating at all those upscale Rodeo Drive restaurants I take myself to – but will it earn me free onion rings at Red Robin? That’s what I really care about.

Klout knows me pretty well. Klout “gets” me. Let’s dive into what I’m “influential” in:

  • Social Media – I’ll take that.
  • Creativity – I try.
  • Public Relations – Good thing, or my business cards are printed wrong.
  • Syracuse – Proud alumna.
  • Travel & Tourism – Backpacked for four months. Thanks for remembering, Klout.
  • Albany – Home.
  • Photography – Again, I try.
  • Contests – Client relevant.
  • Media – Gotchya.

And then it gets fun.

  • Pizza – Based solely on my love for Overit Pizza Friday?
  • Klout – I’m influential in Klout on Klout, as identified by Klout.
  • Coffee – Because if I wasn’t, I’d be influential in sleeping.
  • Cancer – I did run a fundraiser once. But still, this is kind of a downer.
  • Paris – Went there once. Liked it. Would go back.
  • Family – I live with my cousin. We’re considering getting a Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet.
  • Money – Or, lack of.
  • Books – Preferably Dr. Seuss.
  • Cookies – No idea.
  • Cereal – Again, no idea. But I do love my Kashi.
  • Video – Generally videos of dogs doing funny things.

I asked a similar question on my blog last night. I’m glad they think I’m influential, but really…

This girl?


I don’t buy it. I don’t really trust it.

I might still brag about it.