Get Overit at PRSA, SES NY, PPC Hero & Beyond!


Hey. How’s your morning going? Really? That’s swell!

It’s an exciting time of year and the folks at Overit are suffering from Spring Event Fever!  With so many great conferences on the horizon and a chance to connect IRL with our industry friends, we wanted to share where we’ll be to help you find us. Or, to help us find you!

Below are some of the events we’ll be hitting over the next couple of months.


Using Integrated Marketing to Tell Better Stories [PRSA event]

On Wednesday, March 20 (otherwise known as “tomorrow”), we’ll be hosting a superb event at Overit educating attendees on Using Integrated Marketing to Tell Better Stories. We’ve already shared how we believe we’re a far cry away from your father’s digital marketing strategy, but now it’s time to go even more in depth and focus on what brands should be incorporating into their marketing and how to deliver better stories to consumers. Because at the end of the day, your story and how you make consumers feel is what will attract them to your brand. Nothing else.

Our CEO Dan Dinsmore will be presenting the workshop and we’ll be providing breakfast and a really kickass venue. If you haven’t attended an event in Overit’s state-of-the-art multimedia room, well, don’t be too jealous. There will be others.

If you’re local: Register for Wednesday’s PRSA event and join the fun!

Search Engine Strategies New York

Next week several of the Overit team members will be trekking down to New York City to attend Search Engine Strategies New York. And we’re pretty excited about it for a number of reasons.

First, Overit’s Art Director Patrick Branigan will make his national circuit speaking debut when he talks about Next Generation Site Architecture alongside Bryson Meunier from Resolution Media. That session is happening on Wednesday, March 27 at 10:15am so if you’ll be attending, make sure to check that out. Patrick has been rocking our clients’ minds for some time, so we’re excited to unleash him on the rest of the industry. 🙂

I’ll also be attending SES NY with my boss Dan Dinsmore and cohort Justin Mattision, both of whom you’ve met right here on the blog. However, if you’re in the New York City area, let’s meet in person. We’re hoping to meet some new friends and reconnect with old ones. So if you see us, say hi. Better yet, if you see Justin, make sure to give him a huge bear hug. He loves physical contact with strangers. Tell him Lisa sent you! 😉

Registration for SES NY is still open so if you don’t want to miss out, get yourself there.

PPC Hero Conference

The PPC Hero Conference is taking place in Austin, Texas on April 8-10 and boasts a schedule that simply isn’t playing around. I’ve had the honor of listening to a number of these great folks like Kevin Lee, Andrew Goodman, Rick Galan and others speak and they always bring it. Overit’s PPC expert Tim Jensen will be in attendance to soak up the knowledge (and if he’s smart, some great barbeque) so make sure you track him down and introduce yourself.

Again, registration is still open.

You’ll also find us at the Vocus Marketing Conference happening June in Washington DC where I’ll have the honor of speaking about how social media impacts search. If you haven’t checked this conference out, I’d really recommend you do so. So far the speaker list includes some incredible names like Arianna Huffington, Jeremiah Owyang, Joe Pulizzi, Jay Rosen, DJ Waldow and others. I might just fall over and die just being in their presence.

Those are just a couple of the events on our horizon. Will we get to see you?