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How To Set Up Google Authorship

How To Set Up Google Authorship

Got a question? Google has an answer. Whether it’s “How do I…” or “What does ___ mean” or any number of other conundrums, when you need to figure something out it’s pretty certain you’re turning to search. Often, to Google. In doing that it’s likely you’ve noticed your search results look a little different today than they used to – a little friendlier maybe. For example: The above results display what have come to be known as “Rich Snippets,” The inclusion of an image has been proven to enhance the…

Site Migration Planning: Changing URLs

Site Migration Planning: Changing URLs

What is an SEO site migration plan, exactly? Simply put, it’s the process you’d follow when moving your site to a new domain. By creating and following a site migration plan, it ensures minimal disruption in search engine traffic. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a perfect process and some dips and fluctuations are to be expected.

Headshot Contest Winner

As you may be aware, we recently held a drawing for a free headshot session for Capital Region businesses. We had several great and worthy organizations throw their name in the hat, but unfortunately we were only able to select one for the prize. The winner of the contest was… Unity House!! Congratulations!

Apple TV Winners Announced!

It’s Friday, June 15.  Not only is a beautiful weekend forecasted for Albany and the Capital Region, but it is also the end of #OveritMadness! We began #OveritMadness June 1 in conjunction with The Business Review’s Social Madness competition. Voting goes until Monday, so if you haven’t already, vote for us! We’re currently in fourth place.  http://ow.ly/bBVZJ Those on Twitter had to tweet using #OveritMadness with the link to vote for The Business Review’s campaign in order to be eligible for our giveaway of an Apple TV to our Twitter…

Bad Advice

You need to create fresh content. Update your blog regularly. Create content that users will want to read and, ultimately, link back to. If I have to hear one more person tell me to do what should be painstakingly obvious for anyone in the business of acquiring online leads, I’m going to go on a rampage. Think about it – let’s take each of the statements I’ve mentioned above and spin them to say the complete opposite: You need to reuse stale content. Never update your blog. Create content that no…


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