The Website Experience Counts: Your Web Success Does Too


A key ingredient to getting people to visit, return and share your website is delivering on a satisfying and memorable experience. Without this experience the short attention span of typical users plays against you in any further visits or word-of-mouse sharing on social media.

If you can pinpoint needs and pressure points and deliver on an assumed promise to satisfy those needs, you’re well ahead of the competition in regards to positive brand awareness and interaction.

For example, if your visitors are bogged down in any way (by way of poorly executed and/or overly abundant advertising, slow loading sites, or too many ‘click hoops’ to ‘jump’ through) you’ll lose the battle for niche domination.

Think about your own experiences on the web. Make a list of those characteristics that make a website enjoyable and useful. Use social media as a listening post to ‘hear’ what your potential customers care most about. try visiting your competitors Facebook pages, their Twitter profiles and/or do a search for their products and see what people are saying.

You don’t want to simply occupy the Internet. You want to dominate it. You’ll accomplish this by presenting a positive experience that will translate into stories of success for you to talk about on your own social media profiles.

You’ve already chosen to take the smart path by having an online presence. Your success counts when it comes to valuing your business. Make sure the experience on your website counts to your visitors and your website will justify itself.

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