The New Face of Overit.com


Many, many, many months ago we set out to create a new website. One that would reflect all the changes the company has seen in recent years – from acquisitions, to loud-mouth hires, to church renovating, to service expansion and to a staff that has grown not only in numbers, but in sheer depth of talent. The new website would address all of these things. It was to focus on the work, on the people and to outline what Overit strives for.

It’s a big day for us as we formally launch our website. We’re excited to throw it out into the wild and then, well, we might all pass out and die for a bit. Because there is no labor like a labor of love and the new Overit.com website has certainly been that.

There are a lot of hidden gems here to be found. I’ll give you a quick tour but don’t be afraid to kick the tires yourself and really get to see what Overit has to offer.

The Work

The work of the company has, for a long time, been our best kept secret. We didn’t do a great job promoting the projects we were responsible for or showing our capabilities. That was our mistake. And we’ve fixed it.

The new Work area of the website breaks down a selection of clients, along with a description and information about the type of work we performed for them to help you understand whether it was motion, content marketing, public relations, design or any one of our other services. We hope it adds a bit more transparency to what we do.

Click around to see the 3D character modeling we did for Catseye Pest Control (work page):

Catseye | :60 Wildlife 2012 from O Studios on Vimeo.

The PSAs, microsite and resources we created for the New York Council on Problem Gambling (work page):

Or the “mission briefings” we created through our work with Marvel (work page):

Activision | MUA2 Mission Briefing – Final Showdown from O Studios on Vimeo.

The work, like our clients, is varied. We like it that way.

The Services

For me, one of the biggest flaws in the old Overit.com site (sorry, Dan) was the total lack of service descriptions. We were relying on customers to know who we were, what we did and the way we did it.

This was dumb not ideal.

The new Overit.com does a far better job breaking out not only each department, but the services found within those departments. It also gives you a chance to meet us as each service landing page features a video to introduce you to team members from that department so you can hear them talk about what they do and why they do it. I think it helps to really capture how passionate people are about their work (and see some of their silliness).

For an example, here’s Lead Developer Josh Shea talking about why he thinks development is the most creative job you can have.

In the Design department video, Art Director Patrick Branigan and Creative Director Susan Merrick speak about the planning and research that happens in design. [Spoiler: Patrick also dances.]

Overit – Design Department from O Studios on Vimeo.

Goofy, right? But also in love with what they do.

The Building

You already know we earned a Preservation Merit Aware for Adaptive Use of our church, but this area of the site takes that one step further. It brings you into our house of creativity so you can see the production floor, the video editing suites, the control room, the conference areas – we think it’s special and we hope you will, too.

The building video that sites on this page also offers a good glimpse into what it’s like to work within these holy walls.


The People

The people are my favorite thing about Overit. Not that people are things, but you know what I’m saying. The People area of the section encourages you to click around and see what we look like during the day AND at night when we’re in off-time pursuing personal interest.  Whether it’s hanging with our kids, late night developing, hiking or hula hooping, you’ll get a chance to see it all.


You’ll also notice that bios are written to reflect not what we do but why we do it.

The Blog

Are you subscribed to the Overit blog? If you’re not, today’s a good day to fix that. Subscribe. (You can also Follow us and Like us). Good things are coming.

Welcome to our new site. Dig in.