What Data Tells Us About Content Marketing in 2023

Content Marketing Data 2023

Are you feeling confident in your content marketing plan for 2023?

Here at Overit, we are admittedly data nerds. We think data and creativity is the recipe for success. Going into 2023, we don’t want just to equip you with strategies. We want to help you power your brand with actual data.

Content marketing is essential for any brand. And now that we’ve entered into the new year, we want to share content marketing data that you can turn into actionable insights and make 2023 your most lucrative year yet.

Video Content

  • 75% of marketers report that they plan to invest in video content in 2023 which is up from 66% in 2022 (source)
  • 52% of marketers say videos ranging from one to three minutes are the most successful (source)
  • 31% of marketers say that video is preferred by their audience over the written word (source)
  • Just 12% of organizations feel they utilize video content to its fullest potential (source)
  • 74% of marketers think their organization needs to invest more in video (source)
  • 97% of consumers say that video content helps them understand a brand better (source)
  • After publishing a video on social media, 93% of brands report landing new customers (source)

Key takeaway: Video content is crucial to educating consumers about your brand. Consumers prefer video content so much that we are hosting a webinar about marketing with video content on January 11th and you can sign up here.

Consumer Content Consumption

  • 51% of content consumption is from organic search (source)
  • Half of the content consumers read is via mobile (source)
  • 44% of consumers report that they engage with three pieces of content before making a purchase decision (source)
  • 70% of consumers would rather get information from a brand’s blog or video than a paid ad (source)

Key takeaway: Make your content easy to find because consumers prefer to do their own research and consume content before making a purchase decision. Also, be sure to create content that speaks to every stage of the buyer’s journey.

B2C Content Marketing

  • 80% of B2C marketers leverage blogging (source)
  • Brands who are the most successful with content marketing utilize 40% of their marketing budget on this strategy (source)
  • B2C brands report getting the best results from short-form video content (source)
  • 75% of marketers leverage newsletters to distribute their content (source)
  • 95% of marketers share their content on social media (source)

Key takeaway: Blogging and short-form video content resonate with B2C consumers. The key is to promote your great content via newsletters and on social media. You can create amazing content but if it’s not promoted well, it falls flat.

B2B Content Marketing

  • 71% of marketers report that content marketing has become more important in their organization within the last year (source)
  • Just 29% of B2B marketers feel their content marketing is successful (source)
  • 47% of organizations plan to hire outside content marketing talent or agencies in 2023 (source)
  • 67% of organizations report that case studies are a successful form of content (source)
  • 46% of marketers say case studies are the form of content that produce the best results (source)
  • 96% of B2B organizations leverage LinkedIn (source)
  • 87% of businesses utilize email campaigns to promote content (source)

Key takeaway: With businesses increasing their efforts and spending on content marketing this year, it tells us it’s working well. To maximize your content efforts, hire a dedicated content marketing manager or an agency like Overit.

Content Marketing ROI

  • Website traffic is the number one metric that marketers use to gauge content marketing success (source)
  • 67% of marketers report that their content marketing successfully generates leads (source)
  • Content marketing strategies bring in 400% more leads than paid search (source)
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing (source)

Key takeaway: Content marketing is more cost-effective than other marketing strategies. To achieve the ROI that other brands are landing, focus on content quality instead of quantity.

Social Media Content

  • 85% of marketers use paid social media promotions to advertise their content (source)
  • Only 17% of marketers plan to do paid ads on Twitter this year (source)
  • 27% of marketers cite that creating engaging content on social is their biggest marketing challenge (source)
  • 82% of marketers repurpose their content on social media (source)
  • 80% of marketers say that funny content on social media is the most effective (source)

Key takeaway: Social media is a great way to spread your content to your target audience. Posting organically can get you far and if budget allows, you can leverage your best content in paid ads on social media.


  • The most popular type of content that marketers create is blogs, with 89% of marketers reporting they blog for their company (source)
  • Businesses that blog see a 165% increase in lead growth (source)
  • Blogging 2-6 times per week brings in 50% more traffic (source)
  • 77% of blog posts are how-to articles (source)

Key takeaway: Blogging is clearly successful at creating brand awareness and engagement or else so many brands wouldn’t be leveraging it. Post actively and focus on educational content as opposed to promotional content.

Final Thoughts: What To Do With All Of This Data

Looking at the data, one thing that is abundantly clear is that content marketing needs a lot of dedication. If you can’t manage it in-house, there are agencies like Overit that specialize in content marketing and know the ins and outs.

If you can manage content marketing in-house, great! Just be strategic with your efforts and analyze the data from your strategies at least once per month so that you can scale the tactics that are the most effective.

Want to have a free consultation meeting with Overit about your content marketing? Contact us today and be prepared to gain some new strategies!