Why Consider Social Media?


One cannot escape mentions of Twitter, Facebook and the like. There’s good reason for this. The proof is in the sheer numbers:

According to Nielsen Online, by the end of 2008 the following was fact:

The overall time spent on the Internet had risen by 18%

The overall time spent on Facebook had risen 566%

The overall amount of time spent on email was out-shined by social media use. In other words, more people used social media communities than they used email.

The Million Dollar Question is: Does your business have an active Social Media Marketing strategy and campaign?

If not, we thought it might be important to tell you that your competitors do, or will. We’re not suggesting you follow the herd all willy nilly. In fact, we’re urging you to seriously consider improving your bottom line and business longevity through serious, professionally executed Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media = Communication Within A Social Community
Social Media Marketing = Using Transparency and Conversation to Encoure Content Consumers to Take Specific Action

What Does That Mean For My Business?

Social communities are where masses of consumers populate and share user-generated content. Those who are the whole community use these platforms to connect and share information and content.  In order to be effective, the word “marketing” might have to be forgotten and “valuable, actionable conversation” put in its place. Social media is an outlet for increasing positive brand awareness, website traffic and connecting with your audience directly.