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When you have a story to tell, how you tell it is just as important as the story itself. Whether it's a website, an application or even a tangible product, design is responsible for laying the groundwork for the larger conversation. Your design impacts not only what the project will look like, but the experience it creates and whether someone will be able to (or want to) use it.

If development is the bones of a project, design is most certainly the voice.

Here at Overit, the design services are focused on building unique, creative solutions that attract your audience by telling them the right story in an engaging way.

Overit's design department is comprised of a team of creative thinkers and visual magicians passionate about representing ideas in effective and stimulating ways. They are Overit's image makers, combining a variety of skillsets to form elegant, intelligent and emotional messages through an array of visual mediums. With backgrounds in both traditional and digital media solutions, our designers are well-versed and capable of producing award-winning work.

Actually, if the amount of glass in the boardroom is any indication, they're not just capable of producing award-winning work, they consistently do.

Overit offers services to cover the whole spectrum of design, including:

The Overit design team works hand-in-hand with development, SEO and content to ensure your message is being told accurately with compelling visual results, is consistent across all mediums and is intuitive and user-friendly. A perk of working with an integrated agency like Overit is that our departments are constantly pooling resources and experimenting with new, innovative ways to achieve advantageous outcomes for both our team and clients.

By utilizing proven, cogent design techniques and methods, Overit's team of designers guarantees our clients a successful and unique story in the online and offline worlds. From identity and brand campaigns to mobile and web applications, our designers are committed to strategic decision-making to transform your brand and help it connect with an end user.

We don't just make things look good. We make them convert.

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