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When we put together our latest demo reel, we had a couple of core goals. We wanted to showcase the different Overit departments and put focus on the true integration of services we value so highly in our office. We wanted people to understand the culture - a workplace of highly creative, professional talents - and to get a glimpse of what it's like behind those church doors.

Our Motion team chose to show this work without voiceover, letting the visuals speak for themselves. Typography, motion graphics and design enhanced the scenes to tell our company's story.

2011 Holiday Card
For the 2011 Overit holiday card we came up with a way of recreating the scenes from the original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. From scratch, we remodeled the characters and frame-by-frame, used 3D animation to recreate a part of the classic holiday story. When Hermey enters the workshop in our holiday spot, he finds elves painting Overit's mascot, Stu.

Once the idea was storyboarded, the Motion team modeled and rigged the characters using still frames from the original movie as reference. Textures were applied and scenes were lit and animated, followed by rendering and post effects.

The amount of work that went into this piece in a short amount of time was enormous, as we focused on non-screen based materials and tools in order to create a more intimate, hand-crafted solution. The final result was a success - so successful that many of the responses from clients, family and friends assumed the scenes were simply plucked from the original movie. Other people thought we had taken scenes from the original and manipulated them with new elements, but in fact, we had recreated the scenes from start to finish.

Public Relations
In addition to the annual holiday card, Overit has developed a PR plan to recognize our creative work and to place our employees as thought-leaders for their respective departments within the media.

By submitting awards and speaking proposals, the PR team has secured Overit representatives' opportunities to speak at the Search Marketing Expo and SES New York, among others. The agency has also been recognized with the US Search Awards, International Summit Awards and more.

Pitch angles to represent the culture and work of Overit has continually secured coverage in local and national outlets such as Fast Company, Times Union, Capital Magazine and CMSWire.

Motion Isn't Always Successful On Its Own
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