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University of New England partnered with Overit to drive enrollment in support of key programs. To accomplish this, Overit used targeted online advertising techniques to drive leads and interest to UNE's PharmD graduate and study abroad programs, as well as to promote general awareness of the school's undergraduate offerings.

Understanding that each program needed to be marketed differently to its own best audience, Overit identified who that audience was, as well as key messaging and keywords to focus on per program. By pairing messaging to intent and program differentiators, the most compelling message was put in front of the right segment of audience. A variety of online advertising tactics were used -- including paid social media campaigns, search ads, display, pre-roll ads, and remarketing -- to provide a diverse approach to lead generation.

Overit's online advertising efforts have help drive significant awareness and lead generation for UNE. Online advertising for the PharmD program directly contributed to over 7 million impressions, over 17,000 landing page views, and 117 validated inquiries. Promotion of UNE's global education promotion drove around 2.5 million impressions, over 15,000 clicks, and 125 form submissions.

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