Nicole Messier

Nicole Messier currently serves as Director of Corporate Communications at Apprenda, Inc.
5 Tips For Enhancing Client Relations

5 Tips For Enhancing Client Relations

Good client relations are a skillset you will use no matter where you go in your career. In fact, most major brands and in-house positions want to hire people who are or were “client facing” because it demonstrates they can work well with all types of people.

Some will argue working with the client can be more of a challenge than dealing with the press or even a crisis situation. Clients are demanding, opinionated, and often limited by other factors in their work environment that can then affect the supporting agency team.

How do you visually capture the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and brands beyond…

PR and social media has become a vehicle for sharing information and engaging a brand in conversations happening about them or towards them online. At the very core of these conversations is peer information sharing and content generation, the two fundamentals of social media. More recently, I’m being asked by clients how we can visually capture the information they want to share. Additionally, we are becoming integral in content development that articulates a statement about the client’s growth or thought-leadership. We are seeing interactive elements in PR campaigns becoming more…

Meet Dot: a Passionate Company, Funded by the People

There is nothing more in life I love than telling great stories. It is at the very core of what makes my job so much fun. This year, we’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing companies and entrepreneurs. We lay awake thinking about who we need to meet next, how we need to keep pushing the needle, what is the next story we can invent. Some call us crazy…others hire us. Here is an example of one client we’ve seen from start to greatness. The feeling of excitement for…